Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gas and Electric Golf Carts For Sale In West Virginia

King of Carts, LLC is an authorized Club Car golf cart dealer and Wholesale Distributor of Golf Carts and Golf Car Accessories in the South Eastern, United States.  We purchase large volumes of golf carts and accessories and sell Wholesale to the Public.

We can ship anywhere with our high volume UPS discounts.  Any golf cart can be shipped to your local UPS Hub in West Virginia for a cost of $235 !

Discount Golf Carts For Sale In West Virginia

New Gas Golf Carts (Club Car Gold Standard)
Do you need a fully loaded new gas engine lowered cart $4999 or a fully loaded  new gas engine lifted cart $5999?  Full Club Car Warranty! 

Reconditioned Electric Golf Carts
We rebuild every electric golf cart down to the frame and each pass stringent testing before they are shipped. Electric carts starting from $1,995.  Comes with Warranty!

Check out our website at and make an offer.   Also feel free to call anytime day or night (803) 238-2250

Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Buy Wholesale Golf Carts For Resale From Golf Courses

The Used Golf Cart Industry can be very lucrative, but just remember that you make your money when you purchase your golf carts. If you purchase them to high, you will not make as much money when you sell.  So where and how can you purchase wholesale golf carts?

Authorized Dealers - Wholesale golf carts are available from your local authorized golf cart dealer who represents one of three major manufacturers, Club Car, EZ-GO and Yamaha. These authorized dealers service local golf courses in the area and have the first right to purchase from the manufacturer when the golf carts come off the golf course lease. Many local dealers can only afford to purchase a small number (12-26) of golf carts each month coming off of lease and you will get a fair price. However, due to the enormous amount of cash or credit line that is required to purchase 90 golf carts on a golf course, you may not be getting the best price available. In addition, they may not want to sell to you and have you compete for retail sales in the same area.

Wholesale Golf Carts Distributors - While Distributors may also be one of your local authorized dealers, they have specialized purchasing agents and contacts throughout the golf cart industry. These distributors tend to have a lot of cash or a large credit line with a bank or a floor plan with the manufacturer. They purchase entire fleets of golf carts, from amusement parks, golf courses, manufacturers' specialty fleets and other avenues that the common dealer does not have access. Purchasing your golf carts for resale from a Wholesale Golf Carts Distributor is the best and least expensive ways to purchase your vehicles. You should also consider what other accessories you will need when you purchase golf carts at wholesale.  You can find Wholesale Golf Carts at one of the southeasts largest Distributors located in Columbia, South Carolina - King of Carts, LLC a one stop shop for golf carts and accessories. This is conveinant because you can purchase the carts and the bodies, tires, lift kits, rear seats etc. all in one place and reduce your freight costs. They also sell retail golf carts to the general public at discounted rates.

What Is Required To Purchase Wholesale Golf Carts - You will be required to purchase a minimum of between 3 and 5 golf carts on your first purchase, which is standard in the industry. Be prepared to pay by cash, check, certified check or bank draft, credit cards purchases are typically not accepted in the wholesale business due to the credit card fees. You will also be required to submit a retail business license from your state and or a resale certificate, so you can avoid paying sales tax on the purchase. Remember, the end consumer of the goods will be responsible for paying you the sales tax on the purchase.

Golf Cart Freight - Most local authorized dealers will require that you pick up at their location, while the larger distributors will have haulers both small and large to deliver your golf carts at a reasonable price. You can also pick them up yourself if you have the means to do so.

Choose Gas or Electric Golf Carts - Once you narrow your selection down to a manufacturer of golf carts, you will be most concerned with weather to purchase gas or electric. Electric golf carts are low maintenance, generally cost less and are generally always available to purchase. Gas golf carts cost more to maintain, are more expensive and the supply is dwindling. Golf courses have been hit with hard times over the past few years and have less financial resources to purchase the more expensive gas golf carts so less of them are coming off of lease. Therefore the prices and demand for used gas golf carts is high.

What to Look for in a Used Golf Cart - When purchasing electric golf carts the most important thing to look for is newer batteries, make sure that you look at every battery terminal and note the date, remember the newer the better. Most battery's will not last longer than 4 years, some are changed out even sooner on certain golf courses, so be sure to check them thoroughly. When purchasing a gas golf cart you will want to inspect the engine and the hour meter, if any, as well as the general condition of the vehicle. No matter what type, gas or electric, make sure that the seats, windshield, and tires are in good condition, the battery charger works (if any) and test drive if you are able to. Most of the time golf carts are sold as-is so once purchase, anything broken is your responsibility to fix. If you establish a good working relationship with a dealer or distributor they may help you out by giving you a new seat cover, tire, or replace a cracked windshield. This is built on your business relationship and your return business.