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Mark Dixon
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Golf Cart Batteries – Battery Replacement – Club Car, Yamaha and EZ-GO Golf Carts

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The golf cart battery is one of the most important components of an electric golf car.  These vehicles are manufactured by three main companies such as Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO, as well as some other China import models.  However, they all have either a 36 volt (six 6 volt batteries) or 48 volt (six 8 volt batteries ) (four 12 volt batteries). 
While golf cart batteries are normally reliable, they will all eventually fail.

Common Reasons for a Bad Golf Cart Battery

-        Age of the golf car battery
-        Allowing the water level to become low in the battery
-        Refilling battery water level with tap water instead of Distilled Water
-        Battery cable comes loose and melts the terminal

Steps to Replace Golf Cart Batteries

1.      Remove the front seat bottom of the vehicle and expose the battery compartment.
2.      If the vehicle has a tow/run switch in the battery compartment, switch to tow.  If not go to next step.
3.      Do not skip this step or you will be calling your local dealer.  Take a picture with your camera or your phone or sketch out on paper how the batteries sit and the cables are connected.  Please note, some golf cars allow you to remove one battery at a time, like the Club Car Precedent.  In other vehicles , like the EZGO models and the Club Car DS you will need to remove all batteries prior to replacement.  The reason being, the batteries closest to the rear of the vehicle slide in and require the front batteries to be removed first.
4.      Remove the battery hold down brackets from the plastic retainers.  The hold down brackets should fall down to the side or slide down under the cart.  This is perfectly fine.
5.      Unscrew the negative connector from the negative terminal of the battery with a wrench.  The negative terminal is colored black.  We recommend that you tape off or cover battery cable end to ensure that it does not come in contact with any other wires.
6.      Repeat step 5 for the positive end of the connector.  The positive connector is red.  Unscrew the positive battery connector from the battery using a wrench.
7.      Complete this process for each battery.
8.      Remove each battery from the golf cart using your hands or a battery puller.  Make sure to wear safety glasses, gloves and some old clothes.  Old batteries always have acid on the outside that you will not see with your eye.  If you do not wear these safety items, you will notice burning on your hands and in a few hours will have holes in your pants or shirt.  Trust me.
9.      Replace each battery with a new matching battery of the same voltage.  Make sure to install the rear most batteries first.  Take special note to place the positive and negative sides of the battery in the same orientation as the battery you just removed.  (Consult your picture or diagram.)
10.   Reinstall the battery hold down brackets and plastic retainers.
11.    Inspect each battery cable, remove corrosion, replacement of cables is recommended for each full battery change.
12.   Place the positive, or red connector to the positive terminal of the new battery and secure into place with a wrench. 
13.   Place the negative, or black connector to the negative terminal of the new battery and secure into place with a wrench.
14.   Pull hard on each battery cable and make sure that they do not come loose from the battery and do not move.
15.   Take one last look of your golf cart wiring diagram picture or drawing and ensure everything is installed correctly.
16.   Switch tow/run switch to run, if the golf cart has one.
17.   You are now ready to test.  Note that some vehicles require you to pump the throttle pedal several times to reset the computer, this should only take about 15 seconds.  Others are ready to drive.
18.   Remember to take your old battery cores back to the store for a core refund.
19.   Drive safe.
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