Monday, November 24, 2014

Golf Cart Battery Recycling in Columbia South Carolina

King of Carts Battery Recycle - Golf Carts - Boats

Batteries Contain Lead and Other Hazardous Materials

Most Golf Cart and Boat batteries are Lead Acid Batteries.

Scrap lead-acid batteries can be safely recycled.  Imagine the environmental damage that can be caused by discarding 18 pounds of lead, 2 pounds of plastic and 1 gallon of acid – the average contents of a lead acid battery. Fortunately, these have been recycled since the 1920.

King of Carts recycles lead-acid batteries to help ensure they are safely handled.  Do your part to keep our community clean and safeguard the environment for future generations by bringing us your used industrial, agricultural, commercial, automotive, marine and other small engine lead-acid batteries for safe and environmentally friendly recycling.

(King of Carts does not charge for recycling nor do we pay for used batteries.  However if you purchase new batteries we will give you credit for your cores.)

Please note that used batteries are often not completely dead.  If you group these batteries together they may become live if they make contact with each other or other objects which creates safety risks.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

650 Used 2012 Golf Carts for Wholesale coming off Lease in South Carolina

Wholesale Electric Club Car Precedent Golf Carts

King of Carts has over 650 golf carts coming off golf courses in Lexington, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Pawley’s Island, Greenville, Hilton Head and Rock hill, South Carolina.  We will be selling these golf carts to resellers and wholesale businesses on a first come first serve basis.  There is a 5 golf cart minimum on used golf carts.

Each golf cart will be sold with a used windshield, used seat, hub caps, roof and a charger.  King of Carts is a Club Car dealer and a Nationwide Distributor of golf carts to new and existing golf cart dealers. We also refurbish golf carts for dealers all over the country.  If you are interested in these vehicles please call soon and reserve yours.

These used electric golf carts are can be shipped anywhere in the USA, we can help arrange shipping.  We commonly ship these to these locations:

Wholesale Golf Carts: Alabama | Louisiana | North Carolina | Virginia | Florida | West Virginia | South Carolina | Maryland and beyond.

Please contact us at (803) 238-2250 for wholesale golf cart orders.  Our retail website is located here.

Thanks and have a great day!

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