Thursday, October 1, 2015

4WD Kit for Golf Carts Gains Traction | King of Carts | Silver Wolf Motors

Electric Golf Cart 4 Wheel Drive Conversion Kit

King of Carts carries Silver Wolf Electric golf cart motors.  We serve dealers throughout the USA, with quality Golf Cart Parts and Accessories.

The kit bolts on to the existing front suspension of the golf cart and acts a independent drive system that will take you anywhere. The two motors on the front offer high Torque without limiting the speed of the vehicle. 

The motors bolt onto the steering system and suspension of your existing golf cart.  This system works well for both non-lifted and lifted golf carts.  Lifted golf carts require a simple bracket to mount the motors.  Installation is a breeze!  The kit comes with a wiring harness for you vehicle make and there is a dash mounted switch that controls the torque delivered to the motors. 

King of Carts is a Nationwide Distributor of golf cart parts and offers savings by purchasing in bulk.  Visit us online at Click Here for more information.

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